Chapter General (Canada) Announcement and Details for the calendar year: 2020

  • Western Ontario Commandery, Chapter General 2020
  • Western Ontario Commandery, Chapter General 2020
  • Western Ontario Commandery, Chapter General 2020

The 58th Grand Priory in Canada's Chapter General will be hosted by the Western Ontario Commandery located at the Fallsview Marriott during the dates of May 28 - May 31. The following are the relevant documents, hotel information and relevant AGM documents for the Chapter General. Any questions on the Chapter General Canada should be referred to the GPC administrator by clicking on:

Western Ontario Commandery Chapter General contacts:

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Guides / Resources:

  1. The Legion of Marshals. Recipients Guide at Chapters General - General Instructions for those to be Decorated, Promoted, Postulants to be Invested, and Members Officiating at Investitures. The Grand Priory in Canada. April 30, 2014.
  2. La Légion des Maîtres de Céreéonie. Guide des Récipiendaires aux Chapitres Généraux - Instructions générales aà l'intention des Personnes devant recevoir une Décoration ou une Promotion, des Postulants à l'investiture et des Membres Officiant aux Investitures. Le Grand Prieuré au Canada. 2014.
  3. A list of past host Commanderies of Chapters General - listing includes Commanderies and host city (click this statement to view the list)
  4. Year Ordinal Host Commandery Host City/Location
    201957Acadia CommanderyDigby, NS
    201856Thunder Bay CommanderyThunder Bay, ON
    201755Toronto CommanderyHuntsville
    201654Calgary CommanderyCalgary
    201553Western Ontario CommanderyLondon
    201452Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    201351Edmonton CommanderyEdmonton
    201250Toronto CommanderyToronto
    201149Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    201048Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    200947Calgary CommanderyCalgary
    200846Thunder Bay CommanderyThunder Bay
    200745Western Ontario CommanderyNiagara Falls
    200644Newfoundland and Labrador DelegationSt. John's NF
    200543Manitoba DelegationWinnipeg
    200442Toronto (International)Toronto
    200341Edmonton CommanderyEdmonton
    200240Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    200139Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    200038Calgary CommanderyCalgary
    199937Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    199836Western Ontario CommanderyNiagara-on-the-Lake
    199735British Columbia CommanderyVictoria
    199634Manitoba DelegationWinnipeg
    199533Acadia CommanderySt. John's NF
    199432Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    199331Edmonton CommanderyEdmonton
    199230Toronto (Grand Magistral)Toronto
    199129Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    199028Calgary CommanderyBanff
    198927Western Ontario CommanderyKitchener
    198826Acadia CommanderyHalifax
    198725Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    198523Toronto CommanderyToronto
    198422Edmonton CommanderyEdmonton
    198321Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    198220Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    198119Quebec (with G.P.America)Quebec City
    198018Toronto CommanderyToronto
    197917Acadia CommanderyHalifax
    197816Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    197715Montreal CommanderyMontebello
    197614Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    197513Calgary CommanderyBanff
    197412Toronto CommanderyToronto
    197311Ottawa CommanderyOttawa
    197210Quebec CommanderySte. Adele
    19719Toronto CommanderyToronto
    19708Montreal CommanderyMontebello
    19697Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    19686Toronto CommanderyToronto
    19675Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    19664Quebec CommanderyQuebec City
    19653Toronto CommanderyToronto
    19642Montreal CommanderyMontreal
    19631Toronto CommanderyToronto

2020 Chapter General: Western Ontario Commandery May 28 - May 31

  • Promotional & Informational Material
    1. Schedule of Events: . updated:
    2. Bulletin / Newsletter CG 2020 3rd edition.pdf. updated: 2020-02-10

  • Meeting Documents & Reports for the AGM
    1. Minutes of last year's Chapter General: updated:
    2. Financial Report: updated: