Welcome to The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem's Acadia Commandery in the Grand Priory in Canada
Whether you are a member of the Grand Priory in Canada or from some other international jurisdiction, or are a member of the Acadia Commandery, we are pleased that you stopped by. For those who call the Acadia Commandery home, you will notice a number of new features and resources have been added to the site and we wish to invite you to take full advantage of them.
If you have an interest in ancient history, or have a desire to 'give something back' to community or desire to help people in need through making their lives a little better through physical, mental or spiritual support, Acadia Commandery can offer these opportunities to help you make Canada a little better, and making you feel as if you've made a difference. The Commandery is comprised of three avenues to serve which may attract your attention and interest: a) a military/historical one; b) hospitaller one; and c) an ecumenical one.
Please take your time to peruse the pages, learn about the Acadia Commandery serving New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island or the Order of Saint Lazarus in Canada. There is information detailing how you might become involved, working with outstanding individuals in the Commandery, or events and initiatives within the Commandery. If you have remaining questions, please do reach out to us by contacting us via email with:
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The Acadia Commandery sends out once/twice annually, an e-newsletter entitled 'The Tancred Tower' which contains a snapshot of what is going on within the Acadia Commandery to all Members and Friends of the Order attached to the Acadia Commandery. The e-newsletter includes announcements of future events, social activities and internal initiatives and projects. In addition to this e-newsletter, the Grand Priory in Canada also publishes a semi-annual publication 'The Gazette' distributed to members only.
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