Charitable Projects of the Acadia Commandery - Ecumenical

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Support for the Atlantic School of Theology

The Acadia Commandery commenced a relationship with The Atlantic School of Theology in June 1995 when consistent with the National Strategy, a donation of $10,000 for a bursary fund to assist students who had an interest and passion for Ecumenism. National Office continued to increase the book value of the Fund and 2012 Acadia Commandery and National Office increased the Fund by $5,000 to a current book value of $31,000. Currently market value reflects excellent stewardship at $52,500. Since inception, 34 Bursaries have been granted for a total of $30,272.

Atlantic School of Theology, an ecumenical school of theology and Christian ministry, was founded in 1971 by institutions of the three founding parties: the Divinity Faculty of the University of King’s College (Anglican Church of Canada), Holy Heart Theological Seminary (The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Halifax) and Pine Hill Divinity Hall (United Church of Canada). It is specially characterized as an ecumenical, tri-denominational theological school with an ecumenical Board of Governors, Senate, Faculty, student body and curriculum. The School is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and offers Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies) degrees. The Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies) degree is offered in conjunction with Saint Mary's University. Visit the Atlantic School of Theology via their website at