Introduction to the 'Friends of the Order' Program

As a Friend of the Order, you would have opportunities to share your interest and passion with other Friends and Members of the Order through advocating, developing and supporting palliative and hospice care in your community. Engagement with other Friends and Members of the Order increases the probability of successful implementation of a viable and sustainable palliative and hospice care program in your area. This dovetails with the original mission of the Order of Saint Lazarus, an international chivalric Order, which for the past 900 years has been steadfast in their primary mission to aid those in need.

As a Friend of the Order, your network could expand to access other Friends and Members of the Order including professionals, care workers, doctors, nurses, political representatives, business people, military and civilians at Order events; socials, special presentations, lectures and meetings pertinent to palliative and hospice care initiatives. Friends of the Order would enjoy certain discounts on registration fees if applicable.

As a Friend of the Order, your annual donation of $50 ($85 in the first year) will support a hospice and/or palliative care project in your area. In addition, benefits include access to comprehensive online resources through the Order's Members Area on its public website located at, and periodic communications conveying the good works of the Order and their localized Houses such as the House of Fundy.

As a Friend of the Order, your contributions and engagement with the Order will assist the Order's capacity to establish palliative and hospice care programs across Canada.