Past Commanders/Grand Bailiffs of the British Columbia Commandery and Grand Bailiwick of BC

Chev. David E. Hjalmarson, CD, KCLJ, CMLJ (2011 - 2014, Grand Bailiwick of BC, 2014 - 2018, Commander of BC Commandery)

David, born in Victoria, BC is from a family which has a long history of military service. He served the Canadian Forces as an Airborne Electronic Systems Operator (Anti-submarine warfare) till 1984. While training in Cornwallis, NS in the late 60's, he took up playing the pipes with the RCAF Rockcliffe Band, and later took up fencing and won the men's novice Fencing Tournament in Ottawa in 1971. Retired from the air force with the title of Pipe Major and rank of Master Warrant Office in July 1997, he returned to his parents ranch and indulged his hobby of training horses. His other activities include Guard Commander for the 78th Fraser Highlanders, had escroted HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York on an inspection of the Honourable Guard of the Highland Frasers at the Victoria Highland Games in 2013. Dave was invested into the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem in Kitchener, ON in 1989 and elected as Commander for the BC Commandery in 2011.

Dame Anne G. Skidmore Gardner (née Taylor) DCLJ, DMLJ (2009 - 2011, Grand Bailiwick of BC)

Anne Geraldine Skidmore Taylor was born in Southampton, England and managed hotels there and in France and Switzerland before moving to eastern Canada. In 1977, she moved to BC, becoming a senior Provincial civil servant and also becoming qualified as Certified General Accountant. In 1994 she joined the Order on the encouragement of her husband, Peter Gardner, then Vice-Commander for BC and soon afterwards became involved with the hospice movement, taking a volunteer training course and assisting terminally-ill patients in the community with end of life care. In 1997, she chaired the Chapter General in Victoria and in 2001, she was invited to join the steering committee of the Canadian Palliative Care Association, which organized a conference in Victoria attended by 1,200 international delegates. A significant outcome was that the Order was invited to sponsor and introduce Dr. Elizabeth Latimer, one of the event's keynote speakers. Anne's involvement with the Order and its work continued and during the Grand Bailiwick period, she served as Grand Bailiff from 2009 to 2011.

Chev. Prof. David D. Ruddy KCLJ, CMLJ, FRSA (2002 - 2011, BC Commandery,
deceased in 2011, no successor was appointed until the dissolution of the Grand Bailiwick in 2013)

David was born in New York City on June 14, 1925, having spent most of his childhood there, traveling several times to Germany, Italy and France in the 1930's aboard the zeppelins. He was educated by the Jesuits at Fordham University. His university career was interrupted by WWII, and joined the U.S. Navy as an organist and choir director. At the end of the war, he returned to academia and earned a bachelor's degree in history, followed by a Master of Arts. He moved to Canada and was professor of History and Political Science at College Militaire Royal Saint -Jean (CMR) from 1963 to his retirement in 1988. David moved to Victoria British Columbia for his retirement years. David was the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada's President in 1992 - 1993, past President of the Society's Laurentian Branch, a Knight Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher and Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Lazarus.

Chev. Peter Alan Gardner GCLJ, KMLJ (1996 - 2002, BC Commandery) and (2002 - 2009, Grand Bailiwick of BC)

Originally from the UK, former Commander and Grand Bailiff of British Columbia Peter Gardner gave 33 years of distinguished service to both the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy, achieving the rank of Commander, RCN. This was followed by ten years of service with the BC Provincial Government as a Chartered Management Accountant while devoting his spare time to charitable activities, foremost among them the Order of St Lazarus, where he represented the Order at numerous international events.

Chev. LCol James A. Bradley CD, KLJ, OMLJ (1994 - 1996, BC Commandery)

No bio available.

LCol. Stanley Dzuba, CD, KCLJ CMLJ (1991 - 1994, BC Commandery)

Stanley Dzuba has been an active volunteer in his community and internationally for more than 20 years. At the local level, he assists with building maintenance at the Silver Harbour Senior Centre, serves as a zone chairman with the Army Cadet League, and helps out regularly at the Royal Canadian Legion branch. In addition, he has visited developing countries with CESO International Services, sharing his professional expertise in telecommunications.

Chev. Leslie R. Peterson QC, CM, OBC, CStJ, KCLJ, FRSA (1989 - 1991, BC Commandery)

Educated at McGill and London University Mr. Peterson was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1949 and commenced the practice of law in Vancouver. In 1956, he was first elected to the Legislative Assembly and served with great vigor for 16 consecutive years in the Cabinet of W.A.C. Bennett, first as Minister of Education, then as Minister of Labour and for four years, as Attorney General. During his term as education minister, the Province experienced perhaps its most dramatic extension of educational opportunities. Public universities increased from one to three; the community college system was established and BCIT was founded. As Attorney-General the Provincial Court system, as we know it, was established; the Judicial Council was created, as was the program to compensate the victims of crime. In 1978 he first became a member of the Board of Governors of UBC, a position which he continues to hold, and its Chairman during the years 1979 to 1983. He was elected the University’s Chancellor in 1987 and has recently been elected to a second term. The range of his service to community organizations is too lengthy to recite but includes the Canadian Child Health Association, the B.C. Historical Association, the John Howard Society and the Vancouver Aquarium. Through outstanding service with the Gizeh Temple and the Shrine of North American he was instrumental in raising funds to build a burn unit at the Children’s Hospital. He holds an honorary Doctor of Laws from Simon Fraser University and an honorary Doctor of Education from Notre Dame University of Nelson and is Knight Commander of the Order of St. Lazarus.

Mr. Kenneth Gillespie, CLJ (1987 - 1989, BC Commandery)

No bio available.

Dr. Robert N. Thompson OC, GCLJ, CMLJ, FRGS (1985 - 1987, BC Commandery)

Former Professor of Political Science at Trinity Western University, he has led a most distinguished and multi-faceted career in international affairs, politics and education. He has served as the leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada, Chairman of World Vision Canada, a member of the national parole Board, Vice-President of the Samaritan's Purse for international relief and development and Chairman of the Fraser Academy for the education of dyslexic children.