Good Works of the British Columbia Commandery

The Order is both a Military Order of Mercy and a Hospitaller Order. As a Hospitaller Order and modern charity, it is dedicated to the care and assistance of the poor and sick, and for the advancement and advocacy of palliative and hospice care. This work is through activities which include but not limited to advocacy, assistance, education, publications and facilitating the development and evolution of hospice and palliative care in Canada. As a Military Order of Mercy in today’s world while preserving its historical mission, it continues to promote, preserve and maintain its ecumenical mission.

Today, British Columbia Commandery strives to facilitate the original missions of the Order, however, in the 21st century, the missions have expanded the hospitaller mission to include the support, promotion and advocacy of hospice and palliative care. Since 1981, the British Columbia Commandery has been active in British Columbia, providing aid and assistance to those in need, in particular, to those people who need our help in hospice or palliative care. Through the efforts of the British Columbia Commandery, the Order has helped numerous people and health/care organizations and continues to focus on hospice and palliative care today in service to humanity.

Flood Relief (November 2021, Mainland)

Rev. Paul Richards, our Commandery member who resides in Surrey BC, has been involved in the relief effort as a result of the devastating floods in the Fraser Valley by providing pastoral and, through his Diocese, financial support to evacuees of the disaster at the Abbotsford Airport emergency evacuation centre. Rev. Paul is Deacon of Holy Trinity, White Rock Anglican parish, having had an extensive career in law enforcement and public safety for over 30 years across Canada and abroad. The Grand Priory has also approved a $2,000 grant to be used through the (Anglican) Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund for assisting the BC flood victims to rebuild, restore and emotionally heal after their traumatic experience.
Accompanying image: Rev. Paul Richards presenting $1,000 worth of Walmart gift cards of behalf of the Diocese of New Westminster to Erin of the Abbotsford Emergency Support Services.

Campbell River Hospice Society (September 2021, Mainland)

A $1,000 cheque financed jointly by Rev. Paul Richards and the BC Commander was presented to the Campbell River Hospice Society (CRHS). The CHRS was established in Campbell River BC to provide caring and compassionate support to children and adults experiencing end-of-life or grieving, through a variety of services including clinical counselling, a caregivers’ support group, hospice community visits, and the provision od grief packages for both adults and children. 2021 was the first year that the BC Commandery has supported the work of this Hospice.
Accompanying image: Chev. John Neill with Louise Daviduck, Executive Director at the Campbell River Hospice Society.

Donation to the Canuck Place Children's Hospice (August 2021, Island)

Rev. Paul Richards and the BC Commander met with staff at the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Vancouver to present a $1,000 cheque to support the work of the hospice. Canuck Place is BC’s paediatric palliative care provider for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The facility’s team of physicians, nurses, counsellors, therapists, staff and volunteers provide medical respite care, pain and symptom management, art, music, recreation therapy, end-of-life care, grief, loss and bereavement counselling at no cost to the user. and also provides a cheque for the same amount to the Canadian Leprosy Mission (now known as Effect:Hope, based in Markham, ON).
Accompanying image: Rev. Paul Richards and Chev. John Neill at Canuck Place, Vancouver.

Donation to the Surrey Hospice Society (August 2021, Mainland)

Rev Paul’s donates $1,000 to the Surrey Hospice Society, and also provides a cheque for the same amount to the Canadian Leprosy Mission (now known as Effect:Hope, based in Markham, ON) Originally founded in 1892, the Canadian Leprosy Mission changed its name in 2014 to Effect:Hope and expanded its mandate to fight not only leprosy, but other tropical diseases that impact the lives of people in emerging economies. While there is no longer any leprosy in Canada, in India and Bangladesh, Effect:Hope provides support to hospitals and community care organizations in the fight against leprosy and COVID-19, while in Liberia and Kenya, support is given in the fight against disease generally and for the provision of vitamin supplements to young children. This is the first donation of the BC Commandery to these causes.
Accompanying image: Rev. Paul Richards ChLJ presenting a $1,000 cheque to Rebecca Smith, Executive Director of the Surrey Hospice Society.

Donation to the Victoria Hospice Society (June 2021, Island)

A donation of $2,000 by Dr. Loofs on behalf of the Order towards the work of the Victoria Hospice Society. Dr. W. Paul Loofs has supported to work of the Victoria Hospice Society with annual donations for over twenty years and has worked with and got to know the administrators and directors of fund development during this period. The funds donated by Paul on behalf of the Order have been used to support the provision of an 18-bed inpatient unit at Victoria’s Jubilee Hospital, a 24/7 palliative response unit manned by a nurse and counsellor, bereavement services and an educational outreach programme.
Accompanying image: Donation by Chev. Paul Loofs to the Victoria Hospice Society. Present were Dr. Loofs, VHS CEO Kevin Harter and the BC Commander.