Good Works of the Calgary Commandery

The Order is both a Military Order of Mercy and a Hospitaller Order. As a Hospitaller Order and modern charity, it is dedicated to the care and assistance of the poor and sick, and for the advancement and advocacy of palliative and hospice care. This work is through activities which include but not limited to advocacy, assistance, education, publications and facilitating the development and evolution of hospice and palliative care in Canada. As a Military Order of Mercy in today’s world while preserving its historical mission, it continues to promote, preserve and maintain its ecumenical mission.

Today, Calgary Commandery strives to facilitate the original missions of the Order, however, in the 21st century, the missions have expanded the hospitaller mission to include the support, promotion and advocacy of hospice and palliative care. Since 1976, the Calgary Commandery has been active in the Prairie, providing aid and assistance to those in need, in particular, to those people who need our help in hospice or palliative care. Through the efforts of the Calgary Commandery, the Order has helped numerous people and health/care organizations and continues to focus on hospice and palliative care today in service to humanity.

Hospice Calgary Donation (2022)

In 2022, so far, the Calgary Commandery has donated $10,000 to Hospice Calgary for their Living with Cancer program. This program, which we have supported for several years, is open to those with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. It provides moral support, informative talks by medical professionals, a variety of entertainment, and even a holiday lunch. Pictured are members of the Commandery serving at such an event, because good works are not just money.

Donation to the Foothills Country Hospice (2022)

This year, 2022, the Calgary Commandery donated $12,500 to Foothills Country Hospice near Okotoks to go towards their water purification system. As the first rural, stand-alone hospice in Canada, they sometimes have some unique needs. We like being there for them when special needs arise.

Rosedale Hospice Donation (2022)

The Calgary Commandery donated, in 2022, $5,000 to Rosedale Hospice in Calgary (via Hospice Calgary) for continuing refurbishment needs. Pictured are members of the Commandery presenting a cheque to representatives of Hospice Calgary.