News Generated by the Grand Priory in Canada or Public Media or Relevant Articles of Interest

The following is a list of news articles covering the activities of the Grand Priory in Canada, its Commanderies / Delegations or the Hospice / Palliative Care News National, or other relevant articles of interest to the Order. Articles are listed from the most recent submissions to more dated submissions. Click the title of the article to invoke a pop-up window that allows you to peruse the entire article with photos if they are available.

Chatham resident receives Meritorious Service Medal from Governor General

Robert Clarke is the recipient of a Governor General's Meritorious Service Decoration for spearheading the development of A Caregiver's Guide: A handbook about the end-of-life care. The 69-year-old is one of 31 Canadians who received a Meritorious Service Medal from Governor General David Johnston during a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa last Friday......
Chatham Daily News. Ellwood Shreve. November 28, 2016

Sheldrake Island lepers remembered in project for Canada 150

A little-known story of how lepers lived and were treated on an island located in the Miramichi River in New Brunswick is going to receive national recognition after being selected for the Lost Stories Project, part of Canada 150......
CBC News. Gail Harding. October 30, 2016