Appointments in the Grand Priory in Canada

Appointments are responsible for specific operational, administration, maintenance, initiatives or provisioning on behalf of the Grand Priory in Canada. The body is comprised of members who are volunteers who are appointed by the Board of Governors (BoG) of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Grand Priory in Canada. The appointments receive direction from the BoG, and also presents proposals on various aspects including policies to the BoG for considerations and to vote on.

The following are the appointments of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Grand Priory in Canada, currently serving for the term 2021-2022:

Almoner: Chev. Major (Ret’d) Paul E. Henry, OStJ, CD, M.Ed., KCLJ (J), OMLJ, DFNWC, MRHSC
Toronto Commandery

Major (Ret’d) the Chevalier of Justice Paul E. Henry, has been involved with the Military and Hospitaler Order of St-Lazarus of Jerusalem-Grand Priory in Canada since 2009. Currently, he is the Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer for the Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvelon based out of Sudbury. He is a member in good standing, of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE). He has been involved in education in Ontario for over thirty-one (31) years, including twenty-four (24) in management and senior leadership. Parallel to his educational career, Major Henry served in HM Canadian Armed Forces Reserves from 1987 to 2010. Within St-Lazarus Canada, he has held several National appointments such as the Editor of the Gazette, the Marshal and ADC to the past GP HCol the Honorable Peter Milliken, PC, OC, GCLJ (J), GOMLJ, and is the current Cazalier/Captain of the Sudbury House for the Toronto Commandery. Chevalier Henry was instrumental in securing bursary/donation funds for two (2) Sudbury Institutions in the past few years, namely Huntington University and Maison McCullough Hospice. Over the years he has contributed funds through his philanthropy to the Order and particularly the Rejuvenation Fund, thus, earning his Donat Cross 3rd Class. Of note, Major (Ret’d) Henry, has also been involved in St-John Ambulance North Eastern Ontario for the past twelve (12) years and has completed six (6) years as the Chair of SJA NEO. He has received an Executive Certificate in Conflict Management (ECCM) from the Stitt Feld Handy Group ADR Chambers in Toronto/University of Windsor and Executive Certificates from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education. He is honored and humbled to have been appointed as the National Almoner and looks forward to collaborating with all members of the Grand Priory in Canada.
Principal Armorist: Chev. Edward A. McNabb, KCLJ, OMLJ, BA, LL.B., FRSA, FRHSC
Ottawa Commandery

Ted McNabb is a tireless advocate for Canadian heraldry. His life-long interest in the study and promotion of heraldry stems from joining the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada at the age of 14. By the age of 28, he had become one of the leading advocates for Canada to become independent of the United Kingdom in the area of things heraldic. Ted’s advocacy and that of others led in 1988 to Her Majesty The Queen authorizing the Governor General to exercise Her Majesty’s heraldic prerogatives thus making Canada heraldically independent. His ongoing work in the field of heraldry has been recognized. He has been honoured by the Canadian Government receiving the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002) and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012). As well, Ted’s advocacy for Canada’s heraldic independence and a body of thirty-some years of sustained contributions to heraldry were recognized in 2011 when he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. Ted is presently the Grand Priory’s Principal Armorist.
Custodian of Insignia: Mr. Vicken Koundakjian, OStJ, CLJ, MMLJ
Ottawa Commandery

No biography available.
Scrivener: Col (ret) Charles E. Hamel, CD, OLJ, MA
Calgary Commandery

No biography available.
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Chev. Robbie D. Sprules, KLJ(J)
Acadia Commandery

Robbie Sprules is a founding partner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Taylor|Sprules Corporation. He has over 28 years experience in: regional, national and international product brand development; product brand architecture; intellectual property creation and management; total corporate brand development, integration and application; product, service and corporate name creation, registration and asset development; complete strategic linked-brand program development; industrial design and applied research; strategic marketing counsel. Mr. Sprules has led creative and business teams as 'partnering groups' within and outside of traditional and non-traditional corporate structures, and is a proponent of linked-team services. He holds a BAA in Design, an MA in Administration & Management, is a member of the IDSA (US), ACIDO, GDC, ARIDO, IIDA (NYC) and a Director of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. He has been responsible for developing complete integrated brand programs for over 50 national and international corporations. As a keynote speaker and guest lecturer on International Brand Development and MasterLook strategies, he has worked with many of the nation's most influential business and government leaders. Mr. Sprules holds the British titles Lord of Wrentnall and Lord of Great Lyth, hereditary Lordships in the western shires of England.
Historian: Chev. Brian T. Newbold, GCLJ
Acadia Commandery

Brian, born in Manchester,UK, gained an Honours B.Sc. from the University of Manchester. He graduated from Universite Laval,Quebec, with a DSc(magna cum laude) in chemistry. After a post-doctoral year there, he had a 45-year teaching,research,and administrative career at Universite Saint Joseph and Universite de Moncton. He also taught biochemistry at Mount Allison University. He was visiting professor at five universities in Canada, France, Brazil, and Japan, and holds numerous honours including: Founding member, National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada,Emeritus Professor(Universite de Moncton), Union Carbide Chemical Education Award and Knight of the Order of the Academic Palms of France. Brian is author of three books and over 150 research publications.
Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO): Chev. David M. Cvet, KLJ(J), SCrLJ, FRHSC(Hon)
Acadia Commandery

David, originally from Welland, ON, is a graduate of the University of Toronto with majors in biology and computer science. He began his work career conducting six years of diabetes research at the Banting and Best Institute, which spurred further interest in computing. He then pursued a career in technology spanning 25 years developing expertise from IBM mainframes, supercomputers to archtecting advanced network computing environments. David's interest in history was a catalsyt in the founding of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts in Toronto in 1998, which now has schools in Guelph, Stratford, Digby and Halifax. This interest expanded to include heraldy and after becoming a member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, he later became its 23rd President. He is an Honorary Fellow of that Society, awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and is a recipient of a grant of arms in 2004 from the Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa.
Marshal: The Rev Dr. David Hardie, AChLJ, MMLJ
Toronto Commandery:

He was commissioned a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1977 and served as commanding officer of cadet corps until 1984 when he transferred to the supplemental list. During his time in Labrador City, David was Chief of Staff and served many roles at the Capt. Wm. Jackman Memorial Hospital. In Parry Sound, he served as President of the Medical staff and Medical Society. In 1991, David returned to university completing his M.Div. at Wycliffe College in 1994 and being appointed incumbent of Trinity St. Alban’s, later Trinity-All Saints, Bala until his retirement in 2019. During this time, he continued his medical practice in Parry Sound. He continues his medical practice on a part-time basis and is co-incumbent at Trinity Anglican Church in Parry Sound with his wife, Carol who is also an Anglican priest. David has been a member of the Order of Saint Lazarus since 2012.