Members of the Council of the Grand Priory in Canada

The Council is part of the Grand Priory in Canada's Governing Council which is comprised of members who are elected by the members of the Order of St. Lazarus, Grand Priory in Canada which has the authority for making regulations, expenditures for promoting the purposes and objects of the Grand Priory, receiving income, employing agents and employees and entering into such trusts or other arrangements as may be beneficial to the Grand Priory.

The following are members of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Grand Priory in Canada, currently serving on the Council:

Chaplain-General of the Order in Canada: The Reverend Eric Dyck, M.Div., M.A., CChLJ, KMLJ
Montreal Commandery

The Revd Eric Edward Dyck, CChLJ, KMLJ. M.Div., M.A. is presently pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in downtown Montreal and on the clergy roster of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), Eastern Synod. Pastor Dyck was selected to be the ELCIC’s participant in the Lutheran World Federation’s international consultation and study on worship and culture. This international team brought the Lutheran world communion into the ecumenical discussion of inculturation and the five-year study delivered three definitive documents. He has published articles in academic journals, national and local magazines and newspapers, as well as the Gazette for the Order of St. Lazarus. He served on the editorial board of Ecumenism, an ecumenical journal published by the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism (Roman Catholic). He is also active in the German community in Montreal and for over ten years served on the board of the German Benevolent Society (founded 1835). In his work as a parish pastor, Eric Dyck frequently encounters issues of dying and death; the palliative care departments of the Montreal hospitals are familiar places to him. These experiences have cultivated a sensitivity to the pastoral rites for the dying (e.g. “last rites”) and death (e.g. funeral and burial rites) and their therapeutic qualities. Despite numerous projects nationally and internationally, Pastor Eric Dyck has remained rooted in parish ministry and enjoys being able to serve his church and the Order of St. Lazarus.
Justiciar (Legal Counsel): Chev. Richard W. Pound, CC, OQ, QC, AdE., FCA/FCPA, KCLJ, MMLJ
Montréal Commandery

Richard is a Canadian lawyer and accountant. He is a graduate of McGill University and has served as Chair of its Board of Governors (5years) and as Chancellor (10 years). He is currently Chancellor Emeritus. He is a member of the International Olympic Committee, having served for 16 years on its Executive Board, 8 of which as Vice President and is currently the IOC’s longest serving active member. He is the Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Grenadier Guards, former Chairman of the Board of the Foundation of Greater Montreal and former Chair of Canada’s National History Society. He was an Olympic finalist in swimming and Commonwealth champion. Following his swimming career, he became Secretary then President of the Canadian Olympic Committee. He is author of several professional publications, as well as more than a dozen other publications.
Almoner: Chev. J. Ross McLean, KLJ
Toronto Commandery

Ross is a graduate of Upper Canada College and Western University. He was Invested in The Order in 1987, joining Council as Herald (1987-1990) and as Assistant Marshal until 1994. Through business, he and his family moved to New Zealand, where he was also active in The Order, serving briefly as Chancellor, before returning to Canada. Ross is Chair of the 2017 Chapter General Committee. He worked for a global management consulting firm with assignments on every continent (except Antarctica) and has undertaken Ecumenical work in the Middle East on behalf of the Church of England. Ross and his wife, Lucy (also a Member), live in Muskoka and are active in waterfront real estate in Port Carling while working to establish Andy's House, a hospice for South Muskoka.
Principal Armorist: Chev. Edward A. McNabb, KCLJ, OMLJ, BA, LL.B., FRSA, FRHSC
Ottawa Commandery

Ted McNabb is a tireless advocate for Canadian heraldry. His life-long interest in the study and promotion of heraldry stems from joining the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada at the age of 14. By the age of 28, he had become one of the leading advocates for Canada to become independent of the United Kingdom in the area of things heraldic. Ted’s advocacy and that of others led in 1988 to Her Majesty The Queen authorizing the Governor General to exercise Her Majesty’s heraldic prerogatives thus making Canada heraldically independent. His ongoing work in the field of heraldry has been recognized. He has been honoured by the Canadian Government receiving the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002) and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012). As well, Ted’s advocacy for Canada’s heraldic independence and a body of thirty-some years of sustained contributions to heraldry were recognized in 2011 when he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. Ted is presently the Grand Priory’s Principal Armorist.
Custodian of Insignia: Col (Ret'd) M. Vaughan Langille, KCLJ
Ottawa Commandery

No biography available.
Scrivener: Mr. Michael Kalnay CLJ, OMLJ
Arctic Commandery

Michael has recently retired after 25 years as a senior manager with the Government of the Northwest Territories. He most recently served as the Director of the Program Review Office where he worked on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government program and services. He previously served as Director of Pipeline Readiness, Community Governance, Strategic Change, Land Claims and Self Government Negotiations, and as Advisor to Cabinet. Michael received the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Public Service in 2009 for his role in the negotiation of the Tlicho Land Claim and Self-Government Agreement. He is presently working on a number of alternative energy projects, and is engaged in the development of a new enterprise, Arctic Sustainable Harvesting, with a view to establishing local food sources that will provide employment, import substitution, tourism and export opportunities. Michael is a member of the Northern Lights Council of Scouts Canada, the True North Rotary Club,, and actively involved in several other community groups. He has received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, the Scouts Centennial Medal, and the NWT Volunteer of the Year Award in recognition of his voluntary activities. Michael served as Vice Commander northwest Territories for the previous three years. He also serves as Scrivener of the Grand Priory in Canada, and has attended every Chapter General since joining the Order.
Historian: Chev. Brian T. Newbold, GCLJ
Acadia Commandery

Brian, born in Manchester,UK, gained an Honours B.Sc. from the University of Manchester. He graduated from Universite Laval,Quebec, with a DSc(magna cum laude) in chemistry. After a post-doctoral year there, he had a 45-year teaching,research,and administrative career at Universite Saint Joseph and Universite de Moncton. He also taught biochemistry at Mount Allison University. He was visiting professor at five universities in Canada, France, Brazil, and Japan, and holds numerous honours including: Founding member, National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada,Emeritus Professor(Universite de Moncton), Union Carbide Chemical Education Award and Knight of the Order of the Academic Palms of France. Brian is author of three books and over 150 research publications.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Mr. David M. Cvet, CLJ, FRHSC (Hon)
Acadia Commandery

David, originally from Welland, ON, is a graduate of the University of Toronto with majors in biology and computer science. He began his work career conducting six years of diabetes research at the Banting and Best Institute, which spurred further interest in computing. He then pursued a career in technology spanning 25 years developing expertise from IBM mainframes, supercomputers to archtecting advanced network computing environments. David's interest in history was a catalsyt in the founding of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts in Toronto in 1998, which now has schools in Guelph, Stratford, Digby and Halifax. This interest expanded to include heraldy and after becoming a member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, he later became its 23rd President. He is an Honorary Fellow of that Society, awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and is a recipient of a grant of arms in 2004 from the Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa.