Donate to the Grand Priory in Canada's Rejuvenation Project

At the last Chapter General in May 2017, study groups were assembled to discuss a rejuvenated way forward for the Order. The results of the findings were summarized and presented to membership during the Huntsville meeting.

The membership directed that a go forward group be established to investigate the findings, seek ways of revitalization, and work on changes to improve the Order. The new group was mandated by the Membership to present their findings Thunder Bay, whilst getting housekeeping items produced or tested prior. The Go Forward Team was announced to the Membership when the new Chief Marketing Officer was appointed by the Grand Prior.

We provide a couple of methods of donating to the Rejuvenation Project. They include donating online using our Canada Helps online account (this will provide an immediate tax receipt via email); donating by cheque or money order, which you would post to the Order (a tax receipt would follow in the mail). The particular approach one wishes to choose is elaborated in more detail below. For more information on your donation, or to discuss your contemplating other forms of donations, please contact the Order via email with .

To date, donations made to the Rejuvenation Project by cheque/money order/online amounts to $18,323.00 .

Donate by cheque or money order by post

Please send your donation in the form of a cheque or money order made out to Order of Saint Lazarus, along with any additional instructions or directives* to the postal address below. If instructions are to be provided, please submit the instructions in typed format on a separate page or pages, and include with your cheque. This will ensure that the Order fully understands the instructions provided. The processing time for donations made by cheque or money order will be approximately 3-5 days. For next tax year, your tax receipt will be generated and mailed out to you.
* Instructions/directives included to convey to the Order to have the funds applied to Rejuvenation Project.

Postal Address:
The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Suite 214 – 223 Colonnade Road South
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7K3